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Enjoy This Hidden Facebook Gem!

Enjoy This Hidden Facebook Gem!

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think I could care less about basketball, or this “Madness” thing that everyone seems to enjoy. What I do love however, are simple, flashy, mind-numbing mobile games that I can play when I need to take a quick mental break. If you’re at all like me, pull out your iPhone or Android device and do the following:

1. Download and open the Facebook messenger app. (Note: this is not the standard Facebook app. This app is used for instant messaging.)

2. Create a conversation with someone from your friends list.

3. Send them a basketball emoji.

4. Click on the emoji to launch a basketball mini-game.
The goal of the game is to make the most consecutive baskets; try and make more baskets than your opponent. Wait and see what happens when you make 10 consecutive baskets!

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