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Reintroducing Yourself To Your Brand

Reintroducing Yourself To Your Brand

by Ashley Buckowing, Art Director

So you feel like you really have a handle on your business’s aesthetic, but how well do you really know your brand? Or should I ask, how well do others know your brand? Building and developing your brand standards is a key component to keeping your business memorable. It also builds consistency which is key in sticking in your customers mind.

Some key items to make sure you, and your customer, know well about your business:

Logo: How many logos do you have? Do you have a brand icon? Do you have other important logos to your brand, and if so, when and how should they be used?
Fonts: Know the name of your brand’s fonts/typefaces so that you can use it across all platforms.
Colors: Knowing your brand colors is key, but do you know or have secondary colors to compliment those colors? Sometimes if your main color is bright it may help to provide other colors to use along with it.

Other items to consider:
– History
– Imagery Use
– Social Media Guidelines
– Demographics 

If you feel like you have a strong handle on all of the above, it might also be beneficial to check in with your designer, because sometimes your brand standards change! Maybe you are using supporting colors that you didn’t use previously, or maybe you have introduced a typeface that you prefer over your others. Branding changes and adapts with time, so it pays to check in and update the guidelines you go by!

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