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Fruchtman Findings

Industry insights from the jewelry marketing experts.

The importance of vector logos

When you start your business, one of the first things you think about is your logo. Through your logo, your business makes its first impression. It’s on everything. From your store signage to business cards and invoices, it’s everywhere. Now, as Ellen mentioned in last week’s T3, it’s important to make sure your logo is up to...

Weighing the Costs

You have an inventory-reduction sale coming up. Then there’s Mother’s Day, and oh yeah, you’d like to do a smaller promotion for grads and dads, too. Then later in the year, you have a bridal event planned; and before you know it, the holidays will be here AGAIN. So much to think about and so much...

Is It Time to Change Your Logo?

It’s a new year. A fresh slate. There couldn’t be a better time to take a hard look at who you are as a company and who you want to be. And in marketing, who you want to be generally has something to do with who you want to see walking into your store. In other...

Some April Fools’ Day Gold

I’ve always found April Fools’ Day to be pretty lame. Sure, I laugh when my kids play an April Fools’ Day joke on me, but that’s my job as a Dad. A day devoted to grown men and women deciding to be an amateur comedian for a day, though? I’ll pass. Especially with social media these days,...

Fabergé Creates The Ultimate Easter Egg

It has been nearly 100 years since Fabergé created its last Imperial Egg, but the company has returned to its roots, creating a incredible new egg.  According to National Jeweler, Fabergé’s new Pearl Egg required the work of 20 artisans. Its design was inspired by the creation of a pearl within an oyster – the mother-of-pearl outside...

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