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Top Five Ways To Misuse Your Agency

Top Five Ways To Misuse Your Agency. Ok. I saw that. You just rolled your eyes at my title. And that’s because you’re thinking I’m biased; I work in marketing, for a marketing agency no less. You’re right. And that’s exactly why you should listen up. It takes an insider to point out the biggest mistakes clients...

Your website is your store. Treat it like one.

Imagine for a moment that there is a potential customer out there, eager to shop and purchase the products they most desire. Now imagine that customer stepping foot into a retail store so labyrinthine and full of obstacles that just seeing it from the front door would make them turn and walk away. Perhaps the front...

Garbage in. Garbage out.

You can’t open a trade magazine, email or attend an industry conference without a multitude of messages coming your way about the importance of your web presence. The problem: no one understands the magnitude of work that’s needed to conduct business on the web. It’s no laughing matter. Pure and simple: your website is the online version...