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Game of Thrones Returns In A Big Way

HBO’s Game of Thrones returned on Sunday night, April 12, with its highly anticipated first episode of season five. And as many of us Game of Thrones fans were not surprised to hear, the show’s audience continues to grow. This, obviously, is great news for HBO. Eight million total viewers tuned in for the season premiere, according...

The importance of vector logos

When you start your business, one of the first things you think about is your logo. Through your logo, your business makes its first impression. It’s on everything. From your store signage to business cards and invoices, it’s everywhere. Now, as Ellen mentioned in last week’s T3, it’s important to make sure your logo is up to...

Relevancy in Digital Marketing

April Fools’ Day has just passed, and with it, the slew of practical jokes from brands that jumped on-board the marketing train for the occasion. It seems as though every brand tried to add to the mix to be relevant that day. Opinions on their relevancy range from amused to annoyed, but nonetheless, these brands received...


I have teenagers who will, nine times out of ten, send me an emoji or emoticon with their text message. In most cases, I send one back. Not because I really love them, mind you. But, as a creative person, I do confess to liking a visual more than random symbols that make up a smiley...